What is Guerilla Cinema?

Tradition means to pass the torch and not to display the ashes. We love cinema, we need cinema and we want to breathe new life into cinema. Of the many cinemas that once adorned the inner city of Cologne, too many have lost their appeal to the audience. But why did this happen? While many cinemas have found new value in offering the latest technology and modern conveniences, something very important is often overlooked: the love for cinema and the cinema as a place to celebrate a sense of community. Because the audience will cry, laugh and grow solemn with us. While there were more than 80 cinemas in Cologne in 1956, the number has decreased drastically in the last 60 years. We want to revive those old venues, with pop-up cinema. We want to raise attention to places that have lost part of their history and restore it. Every second to third month we are going to go to the location of a former movie theatre and revive it for a night.

An evening will include a one hour get together. If possible, we would like to put up pictures of the old cinema. After the get-together, the curator Tobias Leveringhaus will open the program, co-hosting with the guest of honor, who will give some background information on the former cinema. We would like to show one middle-length and one full-length movie with a short break in between.

After the movies we want to encourage the audience to join in the discussion or simply mingle. Direction and content management will fall to Tobias Leveringhaus. He has already been trying to give films a new home and an audience via his cinema on demand platform „Kinoflimmern“. These films would otherwise be threatened with oblivion since they failed to attract enough attention through conventional channels, as they were pushed aside by Hollywood blockbusters or the latest Til Schweiger movie. Tobias Leveringhaus’ experience in production, marketing and monetization of movies makes him a campaigner for movie culture in Cologne. But he also gets help from his commited team, which has a strong network among young entrepreneurs associated with the Solution Space Cologne. Leveringhaus is a graduate from ifs international film school cologne and a member of filmbüro NRW.


Here you can find some impressions about our 1. Guerilla Cinema
at Stadtgarten on Juli 14th 2017.

When and where?

Our next guerrilla cinema will take place on July 13th, 2018! The event itself starts at 6 pm, the films start at 7 pm. We will meet close to the former "Emelka-Theater" on the area between Saturn Maybachstraße and Maybach. Seats are limited, so be there on time to get one!

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